Newsletter October 30, 2015

In This Issue:

  • Vote this Tuesday
  • Senate Endorsements
  • House Endorsements
  • Hound HhuntingUnderAttack
  • DGIF Complaint Facts
  • Ethical Hunting
  • Lack of Game Wardens
  • Study Lead Ammo
  • New House Ag Chairman
  • VA Wildlife Habitat Coalition
  • Our Dogs & Other Partnerships
  • Know the Law




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The Latest Internet Chat
VA Bear Hunters Regulation Requests for 2015-16
The Latest Internet Chat
Next VaHDA Board Meeting
VA Bear Hunters Regulation Requests for 2015-16
Election of VaHDA Officers
Baiting Study
Sunday Hunting Begins
VaHDA Regulation Requests
United Eastern VA Coon Hunters
VaHDA Chapter Reports



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  • November 5th – Election Day
  • Endorsed General Assembly Candidates with opponents


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-Sunday Hunting will continue to be an Issue
-Fox Preserve fight will continue in 2014 General Assembly
-Mark Obenshain for Virginia Attorney General
-Upcoming Events
-US Dept. of Agriculture strikes a blow against dog breeders
-Missing Dog Web site
-Chapters are Key to Our Defense
-Another hunter who will go to Church on Sunday



Election Day Alert and more...

1. Election Day
2. From the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL)
3. HSUS and ASPCA on the Attack
4. Albemarle County Lease Law
5. Albemarle Chief of Police to hold “moderated forum” on November 12th – Be There if possible
6. New VAHDA County Chapters
7. Returning Hunter Education and Gun Safety to the Public Schools

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News Letter 06_08_12.pdf

Major threat from the Federal Government
June 12th Primary - George Allen and Randy Forbes
The Fox Preserve Bill – General Assembly 2012
California Senate Ban Hunting Bear and Bobcats with Dogs
New VaHDA County Chapters
Join Us at These events
New Web site
New Brochure





"The VaHDA Board of Directors publishes a Code of Ethics"

The Board of Directors of the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance, as the leader of those Virginia hunting interests that use dogs as a central part of their hunting experience, have issued a positive statement about our responsibility as Sportsmen and women. In recognizing that those who hunt with dogs are often wrongfully accused by a misinformed public of both hunters and non-hunters, we hereby declare that we are a fraternity of self policing citizens who practice the highest ethical standards that are an integral part of Virginia Hunting Dog Heritage and traditions. Through action and deed we will promote this Code to all who hunt and will seek to instill these values in the succeeding generations.

Code of Ethics Details to print...





President of the "Central Virginia Championship" Jessie Severt presents the VaHDA state chairman with a donation of $1800 which represents the money that has been collected from their field trial events.

The VaHDA is very thankful for this donation and their commitment to support the VaHDA.

We congratulate everyone that was involved and we will use these funds to continue the fight to preserve this valuable part of our heritage.




March Newsletter.pdf

By now you’ve probably heard something about Adam Keith and his beagles seized by Botetourt County, under the authorization of its Animal Rights supporting Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Gillian Deegan. When the dogs were seized on Jan.17th, under Va. law Mr. Keith had 10 working days to get a lawyer and mount a defense at a hearing before a Judge who would decide whether he would get his dogs back or not. Under Va. law, if the judge ruled against him and he decided to appeal, he would have to post a bond that might amount to thousands of dollars to cover the up to $85 dog/day charged by “Animal Rescue” groups to “maintain” the dogs until the appeal was heard and the ten prior days. Two of the dogs seized were high dollar dogs used in competitive field trials. The hearing was set for Wednesday, March 2nd.


Senate Bill 868 Defeated!



Sussex County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM.


On November 16, 2010 the VaHDA staged a protest at the Sussex County Board of Supervisors meeting held at the Sussex County courthouse. Due to nearly 300 protesters, the meeting had to be moved to the Sussex County High school auditorium. The protest was held in opposition of a new zoning ordinance that required all new kennels within the county to obtain a “Conditional Use Permit” The application for the permit cost $500 each and had to go before the county board of supervisors for approval. Once the approval was granted it would be hinged upon the approved kennel inspections that would be done spontaneously without prior notice. Failure to meet the expected inspection criteria (which is not established in writing) could lead to seizure of the dogs and revocation of the CUP.

The numbers in protest sent a clear message to the county board of supervisors. They immediately passed a 60 day emergency order that would override the existing zoning ordinance and allow them the time to make permanent changes that would exempt privately owned kennels from it.

Two board meetings have been held since November 18, 2010 and no changes have been made to the existing ordinance. The 60 day emergency order expires on January 18, 2011. This means that the original zoning ordinance requirement for the CUP will go back into effect on Wednesday, January 19. Between January 10 and 13, the County website was updated and the requirement for a CUP for privately owned kennels was posted on the front page. This explanation does not state that privately owned kennels are exempt from the CUP requirements. This only leads credence to the fact that the board falsely presented itself by making commitments to take actions that would be in alignment with the position of those in protest. We know of no subsequent vote by the planning commission or the Board of Supervisors on this subject.

It is our opinion that there are those within the county government that have set their own agenda and only supported the 60 day emergency in order to buy time in hopes that the focus on the issue would pass.

Because of these actions, the VaHDA is staging another protest at the next Sussex County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 20, 2011 at 7:00 PM. The VaHDA is asking every citizen and hunter from Sussex and the surrounding counties to attend this meeting in blaze orange hats and vest. We must double the numbers in protest to show the supervisors that we mean business and that WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE REQUIREMENT OF A CONDITIONAL USE PERMITE FOR PRIVATELTY OWNED KENNELS. The acceptance of this requirement will only encourage neighboring counties to adopt this ordinance.

Everyone must attend this meeting, county citizens should be prepared to make a statement in protest and a demand should be made that those that have pursued their own personal agenda in blatant disregard of the public’s opinion should be held accountable.



Since early September there has been a rash of dog thefts occurring in Dinwiddie and Sussex counties. In speaking with some local authorities, it is their belief that the culprits in their area are affiliated with PETA. Though there has not been any concrete proof brought forward to substantiate this suspicion, concurring reports of the vehicles seen in the area at the time of the dog disappearance all point to the same people involved.

A white van has been identified several times in these areas and the occupants of the van are two young white women. There has been a case reported to the VaHDA where two young women were seen photographing dog kennels at a Sussex County hunt club. When they were approached by a club member, they turned and fast stepped away from the pens and broke into a run toward the highway. Not understanding their intent, the club member failed to pursue the women in an attempt to get identification.

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Sussex County “Conditional Use Permits” for Kennels

In early September, the VaHDA happened to stumble across a comment on from a fellow hound owner who was asking questions about the requirements of “Conditional Use Permits” for building a kennel. Upon investigation it was found that certain Sussex county officials had implemented a policy that required all new kennels owners to, purchase a “CUP” in order to build a kennel on their property. The cost of the “CUP” was approx. $500 and additionally it required the Board of Supervisors to come to requestor‘s property and inspect and approve the location. With their approval, the “CUP” would be issued with the provisions that the kennels would be susceptible to kennel inspections at anytime without notice. If the inspections did not meet to expectations, the “CUP” would be revoked and the dogs could be seized. This would eventually lead to a court case, a resubmitting for a new “CUP” and the reimbursement of funds to the county for providing care for the seized dogs.

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Newsletter November 2010 - In this Issue

-Vote on November 2
-A New Threat in your County
-Hunting Regulations Can’t Ignore
-Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance Officers
-North Carolina: In the Crosshairs Too
-VHDA Reward for Abandoned Dogs - $250
-Hunting Season Reminders

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Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance
Powhatan, Virginia
August7, 2009

Special Edition
2009 Political Endorsements

Are you tired of the animal rights folks attacking you and your rural traditions? People who love horses, who raise cattle, swine or poultry share the same enemies as you do. Last year Virginia’s Hunters won a great victory in the legislature. It was not only about hunting with dogs, but all hunting, even Duck Hunting on the Potomac River! If we do not act now and ensure that the people elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates and the statewide offices of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General not only support us, but are truly our friends, we stand to lose not just the recent victories but centuries of our Heritage. It you haven’t read the past issues of this newsletter you may not know the threat we face.

Stand up now, be counted among those who are willing to defend our great traditions. This issue will provide you with the facts necessary to carry the fight to our enemies and lift up our friends.

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June 2009 Newsletter

BOB MCDONNELL FOR GOVERNOR! The eyes of the nation are on Virginia.

America is waiting to see if we are destined to be a Socialist nation or if the pendulum will swing back this November. We believe that Virginians will reject the ultra liberal politics of the National Democrat party this year in favor of commonsense values.

In this issue:

Pasquotank, N.C.-Fight to Save Hunting with Hounds
Mountain Lions in Virginia
Free NRA Membership
Dog Theft on the Increase
Missing Dogs on the Internet Now
North Carolina Legislature – HSUS
ABC News 20/20 Documentary “Cruelty to Owners”

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February Newsletter:

2009 General Assembly - Your Heritage Safe for Another Year

At the mid-point in this session of the General Assembly the fight to protect our Heritage appears to have ended for this session. Thanks to your phone calls, emails and personal contacts with your legislators there were no hunting bills that would damage your Hound Hunting. All of the Animal Rights bills died a quick death. One hunting bill to study urban and suburban duck hunting still needs to be addressed. The story would have been a great deal different if you had not acted.

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Board (DGIF) at it’s October 23rd meeting directed Executive Director Bob Duncan to move forward with the recommendations derived from their “Hound Hunting Study”. The direction was to draft regulations and proposed legislation necessary to carry out those proposals. Most of us realized that this would mean a modification of the Sam Goodloe Law
(also known as the Right to Retrieve -§ 18.2-136).

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January Newsletter:

This New Year Virginia’s Sportsmen have a great deal to be thankful for, but very little of our joy comes from the political world as our enemies are continuing their attacks on our Hunting Heritage.

To make matters worse, the economy is now a major challenge.

We are all blessed with plentiful wildlife and freedom. Our Freedom is guaranteed by American fighting men and women that volunteer to go in harm’s way to protect what we hold dear. We must remain vigilant of the actions that take place in both Washington and Richmond so that we will continue to enjoy the best traditions of free people.

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Dogs at Bay

Friday, Dec 28, 2007 - 12:09 AM
If someone moved to Manhattan and then complained that there was no place nearby to go fly fishing, you’d think he was a couple of cards short of a full deck. Likewise, if a Manhattanite moved to Kilmarnock and then complained that there was no deli within walking distance, you would wonder how many ants short of a picnic he was.

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